Profilometer significance of precision components and switched parts

Some popular and broadly used precision components include profilometer, visual projection machine, pin gage, sine bar, precision micrometers and dial indicator machines. Each one of these instruments can measure with micron precision. Precision machine tools and switched parts have low tolerance levels. With advanced technology, it’s now easy to manufacture these parts and components at [...]

Diffractive Optics at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)

Diffractive Optics at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) is the Center of Excellence for Space Optical Systems. Because of this, MSFC is NASAs lead center for identifying the technologies required to affordably produce the large space telescopes necessary for future missions.  MSFC takes the lead in the process where NASA, other [...]

Non-Contact 3D Profilometers : The Future of NDT Inspection

Non-Contact 3D Profilometers are becoming increasingly used in a number of application. Specialists are embracing a very adaptable and versatile technology of high-speed low coherence interferometry to acquire real-time high-resolution 3-D dimensions in addition to surface mapping and portrayal. Now possible with non-contact 3D profilometers. Selecting an optimal NDT way of a lab or industrial application [...]

3D Surface Profilometer Measurement

3D Surface Profilometer can precisely characterize both topography and also the nanometer particulars of the wood surface. In the three dimensional surface dimensions, regions of interest can rapidly be recognized after which examined with a listing of endless dimensions (Dimension, Roughness Finish Texture, Shape Form Topography, Flatness Warpage Planarity, Volume Area, Step-Height Depth Thickness yet [...]

3D Profilometer Measurement on Sandpaper Roughness

Using a 3D profilometer for measurement on sandpaper roughness to measure abrasive surface and grit. The 3D Profilometer can be used to check roughness. Sandpaper is a kind of paper whose surface continues to be fixed by having an abrasive material. Sandpaper can be used to get rid of small quantities of surface material to [...]

Creating a 3D Non-Contact Profilometer for Surface Roughness Analysis

Creating a Low-Cost, Noncontact, three dimensional Optical Surface Profilometer With Surface Visualization and Roughness Analysis Abilities The Profilometer Task: Creating and developing a three dimensional optical surface profilometer able to surface visualization and roughness analysis to make use of in laser-processed surface characterization. The Profilometer Answer: Using NI LabVIEW software while using the NI Vision [...]

Non-Contact Profilometer vs. Contact Profilometer

What is a Profilometer? A Profilometer is a calculating instrument accustomed to measure a surface’s profile, to be able to evaluate its roughness. As the historic perception of a profilometer would be a device much like a phonograph that measures a surface because the surface is moved in accordance with the contact profilometer’s stylus, this [...]

3D Profilometer Surface Measurement on Dimple Roughness

3D surface profilometer technology makes dimple roughness measurement trivial. With a 3d surface profilometer we can measure many characteristics such as Profile Dimension, Roughness Finish Texture, Shape Form Topography, Flatness Warpage Planarity, Volume Area, Step-Height Depth Thickness and many more of any surface. Today we will be using a 3D profilometer for measurement of a [...]